Africa United: Movie Review

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Recommended for anyone who loves children, Africa and football (aka soccer), and just anyone who genuinely cares


I watched this film when it first came out and, again, before writing this review. And it wasn’t just to refresh my memory – seeing it for the second time was just as enjoyable.

I should probably post a quick disclaimer right away that my friend, Emmanuel Jal, stars in Africa United, so the first time I watched it was partially to support his work and partially out of curiosity – I wanted to see what he was talking about so excitedly after every trip to the filming locations. I promise you I am not entirely biased toward the movie because it’s good to support your friends… (although it is ;)). But let me get to the gist of it.

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Africa: The Serengeti

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“There is a place on Earth where it is still the morning of life and the great herds still run free,” – Africa: The Serengeti.

I think this documentary is the type you should be watching on a big screen to truly appreciate the majestic beauty it portrays. The computer screen doesn’t do it justice, and probably neither would the TV. If wildlife amazes you, you’ll be glued to whichever screen it is, though. The dramatic narration by James Earl Jones (yep, the Darth Vader guy), Read the rest of this entry »