The Beautiful Samburu

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I stayed somewhere between Nairobi & Tanzania border, we drop to the forest past Dol Dol :)
I stayed in the Maasailand southwest of Nairobi; we drove north to Samburu, a little past Dol Dol

I hope that after a sad post, this one will be a breath of fresh air. “I’m hearing only bad news from radio Africa” comes to mind… Well, there were some negative things here and there, but I definitely have more positive memories about Kenya.

This was supposed to be a post about my somewhat unbelievable Samburu “adventure”. But then I got carried away describing how I ended up in Samburu and what I was doing there. I didn’t want to cut that short, because I think that’s interesting, too. So here’s the story about Samburu. I’ll write about my crazy adventure next.

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Life in the Maasailand: school and family

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Maasai women and some students at a school event in Olmaroroi
Maasai mothers and some of their students at a school event in Olmaroroi

I love the Maasailand. It is hard not to. It is so easy to like and be liked here, to give and accept, to listen and hear. People are kind, sincere and humble. They take great pride in their ways, yet they open their minds easily. You have to keep your mind wide open too, because new experiences await you aroud every corner. While people are good, life is often hard, and it is important to be flexible and patient. Read the rest of this entry »

Africa: The Serengeti

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“There is a place on Earth where it is still the morning of life and the great herds still run free,” – Africa: The Serengeti.

I think this documentary is the type you should be watching on a big screen to truly appreciate the majestic beauty it portrays. The computer screen doesn’t do it justice, and probably neither would the TV. If wildlife amazes you, you’ll be glued to whichever screen it is, though. The dramatic narration by James Earl Jones (yep, the Darth Vader guy), Read the rest of this entry »