Africa United: Movie Review

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Recommended for anyone who loves children, Africa and football (aka soccer), and just anyone who genuinely cares


I watched this film when it first came out and, again, before writing this review. And it wasn’t just to refresh my memory – seeing it for the second time was just as enjoyable.

I should probably post a quick disclaimer right away that my friend, Emmanuel Jal, stars in Africa United, so the first time I watched it was partially to support his work and partially out of curiosity – I wanted to see what he was talking about so excitedly after every trip to the filming locations. I promise you I am not entirely biased toward the movie because it’s good to support your friends… (although it is ;)). But let me get to the gist of it.

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Book Review: Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood

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– Why do you keep going to all these… war-torn places? Why can’t you just stay here?

– Mom, the researchers of human DNA say that all of us still lived in Africa 60,000 years ago. In a geneticist’s calendar, that’s two minutes.

– What are you trying to say, that you miss “home?”

– Don’t you?

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