This Dream Is About

I’ve been reading about her, watching movies about her, talking about her with my friends and certainly dreaming of her. Thinking about Africa makes me smile, cry and work so much harder toward making a difference. And while I got a change to truly discover her during my life in Kenya, I think my journey there began a long time ago and is nowhere near the end.

I took my first trip to East Africa as a volunteer with IVHQ, teaching English and math at a primary school in a Maasai village, playing sports and planting a garden with children in a Nairobi orphanage, and working on several community projects. I was lucky to meet some great people during my trip who had similar passions and a strong interest in helping others. I was invited to come back and work in Nairobi, and I was more than happy to do it. I spent two more years in Kenya, which became some of the most memorable years of my life. My job gave me an opportunity to travel to Uganda and South Sudan, as well as to different corners of Kenya, further exploring the beauty of East Africa and experiencing the hospitality of its people.

In this blog I’m reviewing a lot of books, movies and music from and about Africa, posting guides to some great East African destinations, and sharing some of my memories and thoughts. I hope that Dreaming of Africa can help others who are planning to travel to this beautiful continent or are simply curious about it. I’ll be happy if my blog can answer some of your questions, but I’ll be really blessed if it can inspire you. In any case, thank you for stopping by.


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