Watch Unicef Negotiate the Release of Child Soldiers

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I’ve written a little bit on the subject of child soldiers in my Africa United movie review and in some other posts in the past, and today I was reminded about it once again by Ishmael Beah. I had to write something after seeing this video; it was just too touching and disturbing at once. A big shout out to Ishmael for sharing it on Facebook and keeping this major international issue fresh in people’s minds. If you ever wondered how the release of child soldiers is negotiated and whether or not these kinds of efforts are ever successful, you should watch this.

And here a some quick facts about child soldiers that will make you think.

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Africa United: Movie Review

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Recommended for anyone who loves children, Africa and football (aka soccer), and just anyone who genuinely cares


I watched this film when it first came out and, again, before writing this review. And it wasn’t just to refresh my memory – seeing it for the second time was just as enjoyable.

I should probably post a quick disclaimer right away that my friend, Emmanuel Jal, stars in Africa United, so the first time I watched it was partially to support his work and partially out of curiosity – I wanted to see what he was talking about so excitedly after every trip to the filming locations. I promise you I am not entirely biased toward the movie because it’s good to support your friends… (although it is ;)). But let me get to the gist of it.

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Two Cows for a Childhood

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I lower my head and step into the darkness, where a teenage girl welcomes me with a smile, a little boy cuddled in her arms. Her worn out white dress, studded with tiny blue flowers, nearly reaches her ankles, creating an image too serious for her age. The boy must be around 2 years old, and the girl is in her teens.

“Where is the mother?” I ask the woman who brought us here.

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Mosquito Nets

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“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito” ~Betty Reese

My mosquito net arrived in the mail today. Yay! Doesn’t take much to get this one excited. It’s navy green (I bought it from Army Surplus World, which was a great deal by the way… if you ever need a mosquito net?), and super lightweight. Read the rest of this entry »