The Revolution Will Be Led By a 12-Year-Old Girl

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Can’t afford to sponsor a girl? You can still help.

Here’s an idea – you can be part of the bigger movement to educate some 1,000 girls in Leer, South Sudan (1,000 boys as well). Check out Emma Academy Project, a campaign to build a school there. We need your time, skills and ideas. The project relies entirely on volunteers, people who believe in the power of education. We’ll give these kids a chance to be somebody; they will grow up and change their community; a group of mutually understanding communities will cease the conflicts still tearing apart the country; a peaceful Sudan will lead to a more stable Africa… you get the point.

10 things you can do right now:

10. Visit Emma Academy Web site.

9. Join and participate in the active Emma community on facebook.

8. Donate if you can, or donate your skills and passion.

7. Visit GUA Africa, an organization that initialized the project.

6. Watch War Child, the documentary on Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier, hip hop artist and the man behind the project. It will help you understand the campaign. It will leave you inspired.

5. Preorder the War Child book, to be released in February.

4. Look us up on Flikr. Ask about starting your Emma Class.

3. Follow us on Twitter.

2. Get excited about the cause and tell all of your friends. Get excited to the point where you will start telling strangers too. Mention it on your blog.

1. Join us. Become 1.


One thought on “The Revolution Will Be Led By a 12-Year-Old Girl

    Jules responded:
    January 16, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Have you joined yet? If you haven’t, give me a good reason why. Eh?

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